Perry County Hospital ER is a small department that has unique, state of the art and lifesaving services you will not find in other facilities. We are a designated critical access facility and as such we not only participate in the regional trauma and cardiac protocols designed to improve care, we also utilize the Telemergency system, originated through Dr Galli from the University Medical center trauma center in Jackson. 

Physicians and experienced specially trained Nurse Practitioners utilize this unique system to stabilize and consult. A Physician at the University Medical Center in Jackson can be instantly accessed at the touch of a button. Through a two way monitoring and audio device mounted on the wall, the consulting MD can both see and hear what is happening in the room. He is able to review an EKG, labs and x-ray remotely, dispatch a helicopter if necessary, consult telestroke or the pediatric emergency department there or involve other specialties at UMC. This provides a dramatic boost in the level of care in a small emergency department. 

When minutes count, skilled local access is critical. We are proud to say we participate in the system, in order to provide you and your loved ones the best quality care possible.

Radiology Services--Oupatient and Inpatient
Perry County General Hospital is pleased to offer xray, CT and ultrasound imaging services to help diagnose illnesses and injuries of our patients. The radiology department provides 24 hour emergency care in addition to both inpatient and outpatient radiological services. Perry County General Hospital can now transmit all medical images straight to radiologists for immediate interpretation through a state of the art digital imaging system.
Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Physical Therapy