The Doctor’s Clinic in Richton, MS is open and available to care for your urgent healthcare needs. Here are the precautions we have taken that will be effective immediately: We would like to direct all emergent cases to the emergency room as always. If you have an urgent need requiring a doctor’s visit, please call ahead and describe your need. We can then provide you with a telehealth appointment or you can have a face-to-face visit in our office depending on your need. If you need medication refills, call ahead as usual and we can contact you via telehealth or a provider can instruct you to come into the clinic. We have cancelled all wellness visits at this time and are only taking urgent cases. We are participating in social distancing and would like to prevent non-urgent cases from coming into the office and have possible exposure to COVID-19. At this time, we have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 from/in our office, but we are taking every precaution and are attempting to prevent exposure.


1. If your appointment is urgent to you and you need a face-to-face visit with a provider, you can wait in your car instead of the waiting room for appointment to encourage social distancing. You are welcome to wait under the awning or inside, but please keep six feet distance from others. Please call 601-788-9222 as normal to make your appointment. If you desire to stay in your vehicle, when you arrive please call the same number above and inform staff that you are in your vehicle and describe your vehicle to staff.

2. All patients will have their temperature taken in their vehicle and/or when they come in the door.

3. Masks and hand sanitizer will be available for everyone. Following current guidelines, you only need a mask if your temperature is greater than 100.4.

4. If you require a prescription that is a written prescription, we will be happy to leave the prescription at the front desk, and it can be delivered to your car when you arrive to the clinic.

5. We ask our patients to only bring one family member to accompany them to their appointment to limit exposure if needed for assistance or due to patient being a minor. Everyone will have their temperature taken.

6. Remember, we do have telehealth options available. You would make an appointment as normal and at your appointment time you would call and inform front office of your telehealth appointment booked and your phone call would be directed to your provider.
We will remain open to treat urgent cases and would encourage a visit for urgent cases as to not overcrowd the emergency room.
If you are having difficulty breathing or you feel your condition is deteriorating, go directly to your local emergency room or dial 911 for help.


Perry County General Hospital Emergency Room 601-788-6316
206 Bay Avenue
Richton, MS 39476


Perry County Doctor’s Clinic 601-788-9222
210 Bay Avenue
Richton, MS 39476